Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Devil costume

What Halloween, Christmas or Christmas Day to do without light devilry and one of the main characters - a trait or imp. There are many ways of making the costume feature, let share with you two of them.

Method one - classic. You will need a black or dark gray raglan (or long sleeve) and tights or leggings. It is desirable that clothes were baggy and sat tight on the figure.

Hallween devil costume

Nasheyte to pick up clothes or pieces of faux fur tinted urine, of which manufacture the same beard, securing it with an elastic band around the hat on his head. Gird cardboard head wrap, which stick carved from red or black cardboard horns. Grim - on request. Fabricate the tail of wire, rope or twisted cord with tassel at the end. On the shoe with a rubber band fasten cardboard hooves. Costume ready.

Method two - glamorous. You will need black, if possible, a formal suit, white shirt, bow tie, black shoes. You can do black pants and a white (or black) shirt with butterfly.

The main highlight of this costume for Halloween - a truly luxurious double layer cloak draped over the shoulders and fastened at the neck by a hook or Velcro.

Do not take the money and buy two cut tissue Cloak. Upper - Black, possibly with lurex. Lower - of scarlet silk. The tail is made of black lace or cord, braided in a very tight braid.

Hairstyle, create using foam and gel, horns easily buy any New Year's sale or the circus. Grim - on request. Special expressiveness of the image will help achieve bleached using a light powder or baby powder face and black cosmetic pencil. Here's a elegant features you get. happy holidays

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