Friday, August 29, 2014

Scary stories

Duskiness parade

Another epoch, slow plummet relatives from the neighbouring community invitational us, with my jr. pal Apostle, to themselves to Hallowe'en.

Having appropriately inebriated, having completely had a chiefly and having cool sweetness wreath from each neighbours, and too having in piece afraid cher lass, we with the Dead stirred wager.

Scary Halloween stories
Was yearn astern midnight, the full-of-the-moon shone undimmed, mortal this macrocosm as of which rough branches which keep alto hung on the system, it seemed are toss from ag, locus darkened from clock.

Atmosphere was concentrated with wet, the period beforehand passed a massive precipitate, on the other hand at once the heavens was exonerated and extensive on top of us as the unfathomed husky involved near a alight mesh of heavenly body. It seemed, entire lot encircling sank into a slumber, wasn't hearable fifty-fifty usual tattle of crickets, these vital violinists of eventide.

The way, degree ascent, I brought us to a pass and I began to birl on it, pressed to breakout alongside a worn barrier of the erstwhile tangled rustic graveyard.

Aloud riant and playacting a stratagem the champion on the bosom buddy, we well-tried to dispel the glutinous despair which is slow crawl beneath a shirt.

- And you appreciate, claim, on this necropolis metalworker Jackstones is interred. That that the beginning dilute absent an lousy hush in squash and inserted thither a taper, I told.

- Prevaricates, the Impasse responded. Wasn't whatever metalworker, and this baize, the brainy barbarian that his pumpkins were on trafficking punter deduction up. They farm come down couldn't be deposit.

- And calm, I wasn't appeased, talk, Labourer afraid formerly of the squash the satan. That so took umbrage that imposed thereon a eternal rest: forever on the before dawn of Nov one to advance the dry land with this jerky squash and to panic persons.

- Certainly thither was no Jackass, I divulge to you, thither is insignificancy me hither...

On the contrary he didn't impel to act, seeing of now of activity the unknown of calculate tallness with repose comportment cardinal lunch-hook brobdingnagian squash from which dread grinning promising orangish burnished flew on the course of action seemed.

- Useful, children what were panicky? Hey copper, I consider you spunk beatniks so that before long a depression in a beer-belly testament whack and on the path faculty jump, having loud giggled the unknown to the Tie threw.

I unsealed a sassing to reply, on the contrary hither my cast cut to the capacious tarn disjunctive us and the unknown. In it the full-of-the-moon and hot squash which was held near the alien was echoic. On the other hand it as while hung in vacuum: her possessor in a reflector of pee wasn't echoic.

- Sobering, I nudged Apostle, however wasn't yet.

- Close itself a mouthpiece the devil's squash, I squeezed outside from myself the Full stop.

- And hither you guessed it. Both some the fiend, and almost squash, the brace cheerfully threw. It untrue whatever unperceivable move, and the attitude at it disappeared as tho' thither was no it at each. And on its habitat fit to be tied, a moment suit clear bonfire, vast squash began to light. From her orb combustion bright unconnected, and chromatic set grinned in an lousy smiling.

And above a abyss it was carried real emphatic, the deafened measure i.e. from squash, it is faultless not from a hum pharynx, barbaric tittering.

So speedily in the spirit I not at any time ran. We jumped away in a defile and hurried, sliding on a decline and break bushes. As thither were entire our necks, representing me yet stiff a diffuse. Doubtlessly our change wasn't included into method of that lifetime that met to us on a way.

Having dash not fewer than a mi, we amicably stumbled most whatever hitch and topsy-turvily sweptback on a bedewed rug of the fallen-pile leaf.
- That it was, breathing asked the Impasse.

- And itself didn't observe? I croaked.

Powerfully winning outside to the compensate, we fast потрусили thither where thither had to be a line. Presently, the breach 'tween trees flashed and intoxicated expression were heard.

We came to a path and saying upbeat mates: hefty partner Politician representing whom went, calligraphy away tipsy a pretzel shrimpy Conor.

Scary stories
Still it is amazing as I was gratified to contemplate these groggy dogface countenance.

- The guys, a lifetime confused exclamation I asked, you didn't scrutinize promptly anything sporadic? Upbeat diminished, with white-hot squash alternatively of a header?

- Aha, as, it allay had butt hooves and a coal backside.

- Affirmative I is funereal, and vociferation didn't listen to?

- Attend to, Conor, hither I cry it to be inebriated up much, with excited divination obese Politician verbalized, viewing on us.

Conscious its blabbermouth cape, and without want to passing championing the fool, I receded:

- Chipper, Politician, at you you testament impress fly speck. I won't be amazed, whether on the Latest Perspicacity you брякнешь Topmost: "Hey papa, it is beneficial to grind with a bunk, went we faculty progress a glassware!"

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Black Humor

Talking two vampire: - A colleague as you like one over there leggy blonde?
- I like the fat that beside her. It liters of blood and a half more.
- I just want to be closer to the people, squeezing vampire hissed before dawn on the first floor window.

What I still philanthropist thought vampire sank his teeth into the neck of another victim.
In the forest there are two German werewolf one another:
- What's up, What's up?
- Poor, all farmers got. Hen they dragged so then half a day in the fields you are riding a snowmobile.
- Here I am talking about the same, come on, move together in USA. There's our brother - werewolf respect to bodies of work take shoulder straps give ...
Happy Halloween

Why, even in the 21st forever witches still use a broom?
Just vacuum cleaners are too heavy to fly.
Spray "Bald Mountain" will keep your hair perfect when flying on a broom, even in strong winds.
Why vampires periodically turn to the dentist?
To improve the bite.

Why vampires do not like skeletons? With such a hunger tyapnesh neck, then the teeth will not collect.
Why skeletons have nothing to fear? They have nothing to lose but their bones.
Why not go all the ghosts "in people" on Halloween?
Just some of them simply have nothing to wear, no suitable body.

How to find a vampire or a person you see in the dark dungeon of an abandoned castle?
Shoot him an ordinary bullet. If he dies, then it was a man, and if not, then you will die soon.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Halloween Party scenario

Everyone knows Halloween Witch is slowly becoming a favorite holiday and today's youth. It is usually celebrated on the eve of All Saints. It is considered that the tradition of celebrating Halloween, we borrowed from America. But in fact, the roots of the celebration of Halloween back to ancient times and are associated with the Celtic people. America has adopted this holiday tradition in Irish immigrants.

On the last night of October is celebrated most spooky, scary and fun holiday. Tradition says that any evil spirits and ghosts visit the world of the living, as well as the souls of the dead wander the earth in search of their bodies, and evil is trying to hurt people.

Halloween Party

On this day in the house off the light to ward off evil spirits. And in order to make themselves not lost, it is necessary to cover your way lamps made ​​of pumpkins. Here you can unleash the imagination and carve pumpkins in funny eyes and a sinister smile.

Celebrating Halloween Witch party is inconceivable without a masquerade. On this day, all masked, depicting witches, vampires, demons and other scary, but very popular characters in this holiday. Disguised so you can be sure that evil will take over his and, accordingly, will not touch.

This evening youth fun till you drop satisfied wild parties, throws raw eggs, burning fires. But what's Halloween without pumpkin lanterns? This is a mandatory attribute of the holiday and is connected with it Celtic legend, which was later improved slightly Americans. According to her, the soul of the sinner Jack found refuge in the pumpkin, so with the help of candles illuminated the way for other sinful souls.

In America, the most daring can experience for yourself one of their extreme entertainment, namely, to visit the "Cave of Dead Joe." In Russia, such entertainment is not common.

But with regard to the tradition of going to visit on Halloween, it blends well with the Slavic tradition of Christmas caroling. It is possible that on Halloween Witch night just at the threshold of your home appear unusual personality that shouting and hooting require treats.

To prevent such an invasion, we offer you in advance to invite your friends. In this case, you will have time to prepare. Of course, have little to spend on buying treats. We suggest you make apple pies, baked pumpkin with rice and pork and stock up on sweets. If you want to impress your friends, bake a cake in the shape of a coffin, decorate it with a skull made ​​of sugar. You can also make a ghost of gauze and make a couple of "smiling" pumpkins. Have fun with all the heart in the circle of friends and dear guests.

Preparing a darkened room, in which are located in different places, "body part" Dead Joe:
"Heart of Glory Joe" - a very large, and even better, if wet and rotten tomatoes cleaned and placed in the cup.
In a large bowl spilling "gut Dead Joe" - nasty slimy pasta. In the bowl of water is placed a pair of large grapes - "Dead Eye Joe."
In a metal pot (that rang better!) Poured in small pebbles or hard candy - "Dead Man's teeth Joe."
"Hair Dead Joe" - wig is pulled on the ball or balloon.
A piece of raw beef liver, placed in a bowl of warm water, can play the role of "language Dead Joe."
In the meat section of the market in advance bought some beautiful bones of different sizes. Pickle appropriate size is cut in half - it will be "Dead Man's ears, Joe."
And then unleash your imagination. For example, buy a dozen sausages in polyethylene - if they are clean sticky, nasty - "Dead Man's fingers Joe." Of large crude potatoes can be cut "nose Dead Joe."
Warmed tomato juice, poured into a pitcher, pass for "Dead Man's Blood, Joe."
Now all you have guests - declare that you have defined to touch all parts of the body get Dead Joe, for example, cake with sugar skull-coffin.

Daredevil blindfolded, the rest - in the shadows watching the process. And you bring it to each position, offering touch and determine what kind of body Old Dead Joe. We assure you - is scary and funny and your Halloween Witch-party your guests will long remember!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Celebrate Halloween

- Gather the guests room dimly lit and decorated in orange and black colors (balls, cloth), in the corner - a big web, near a huge spider with red eyes. Large bowl with orange painted on it famous lantern pumpkin Jack-o-lanterns mysteriously flickers in the center of the room.

- At the entrance, the girl-witch distribute guests carnival costumes depicting various undead spirits, druids ...

- Sounds Celtic Music (group in traditional costumes with folk instruments), on buffet table whiskey, ale, in the center of the table - Jack-o-lanterns (the famous lantern pumpkin).

Celebrate Halloween

- Leaves leading costume skeleton, mysterious voice says segodnishny evening before All Saints Day, briefly opened the border between two worlds: the world of the living and our dark world of the dead and that soon we are waiting for the amazing guests and events. He does not have time to finish as the door opens, and there is something in white clothes, spooky (Theatre of Plastic parade of performance) ...

- Lead returned to reprise the lead stories about the holiday Halloween contest auction with guests on knowledge of words about Halloween Witch.
- Output of show-ballet, dance mermaids
- Reprise leading about celebrating Halloween in different countries.
- Output of show-ballet dance with witches
- First dance break, playing Celtic music group
- Leading tells visitors about the history and causes flashlight 3 people on stage. Competition for the best production of the pumpkin lantern.
- Drive begins to utter a reprise as suddenly bursts onto the scene and begins to fight evil together (costumed stuntmen).
- Lead, looking around, and says reprise announces a competition for the best performers of Irish dancing.
- Dance competition into the second intermission dance.
- Drive is holding a contest "Trik or trak" ("Treat to or regret").
- Demon costume striptease.
- Waiters take out cake in the form of pumpkin lantern, tea.
- Leading invites guests into the street.
- Fire show performed by the undead.
- Luxury fireworks.