Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Halloween in Russia

Halloween has come to Russia, relatively recently and its popularity can not yet compete with the popularity, Halloween in America. However, despite this, the festival managed to reclaim their traditions and, of course, his fans. Most actively celebrates Halloween Witch today's youth, fun celebrating the holiday in clubs and discos. On the last day of October in most clubs organized Halloween - party.

Decorators adorn the room in orange and black colors, and used in the design of the traditional pumpkin lanterns - Jack-o-lanterns. The entertainment program in the evening involves a competition for the best carnival outfit and most terrible grimace, fire shows and costumed "demonic" show. But the celebration of Halloween - is, above all, fun, and lots of "terrible" jokes and jokes. At the same time, at the official level, Halloween remains foreign Russian holiday.

Halloween in Russia

Halloween Celebration recognized the Moscow Patriarchate "undesirable phenomenon for Russian culture" and "absolutely not typical of our spirit." Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, occupying a position of deputy chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate Department for External Church Relations, said that "the rituals of this celebration childhood accustom people to cooperate with evil, to reconciliation with its existence, presented to him by some tribute. Instead, every must fight it and reject it, because it teaches the Orthodox Church. "

The Council of Muftis of Russia also welcomes this holiday. However, this does not prevent a holiday, giving it a countercultural features so popular with young people.

And really, do not do not take it too seriously holiday and look for what it is-a grim subtext. Better to just have fun and celebrate Halloween Witch at ease, having fun "from the heart"!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Halloween in Europe and Asia

Despite the fact that the holiday Halloween Witch riginated in Europe, most grandly celebrated in he USA. However, in Europe this holiday also point bright and colorful. For example, in Germany, on the night of November 1 meeting place for thousands of people, dressed in elegant suits monsters, is a castle Frankenstein in Darmstadt. Here honestly believe that only this night, you will see a ghost owner of the castle, which appears on its roof.

Halloween Witch

The most spectacular celebrations are held in France near Paris and Disneyland in Limoges. Here organized carnivals with many thousands of participants dressed as goblins, vampires and ghosts that light the way pumpkins - a traditional symbol of Halloween Witch  All the bars and restaurants of France offer their visitors enjoy "witch" dishes, and the waiters and visitors establishments dressed festively as well as the participants in the march.

Teng Chieh - Halloween is the name given to China, which is celebrated by the locals as a day of remembrance of ancestors. On this night, before a photograph of a deceased relative put water and food, as well as a flashlight, illuminating their way on the night of Halloween. Monks made ​​of paper "boat of fate" that evening burned to smoke them helped get the dead to heaven. Each country has its own age-old traditions that are clearly seen in the celebration of Halloween Witch.

In Germany celebrate Halloween no less colorful. Castle Frankenstein in Darmstadt draws on the night of November 1, thousands of people dressed in costumes of monsters, and the locals believe that this night to bring the owner appears on the roof of the castle.

The most impressive processions are held in France in the suburbs of Paris and Disneyland in Limoges. It comes back every year more than 30 thousand people, that there are the most memorable parades goblins, vampires and ghosts, illuminating your way lanterns - pumpkins. On this night, the bars and caf├ęs of the French cities offer a "witch" dishes, and visitors dress no less colorful than participants parades and processions.

In China, Halloween Witch s known as Teng Chieh - day of remembrance of ancestors. On this day before photos of deceased relatives put food and water, as well as a flashlight, illuminating the path of the souls of ancestors traveling on the night of Halloween. Monks in Buddhist monasteries made ​​of paper "boat of fate", some of which are very large. In the evening the boats burned to their smoke helped ancestral spirits to get to heaven.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Halloween Witch in the U.S.

Halloween - a holiday that is celebrated nowhere so grand, both in the U.S. and Canada. In these countries it is considered one of the most popular of all. Most Americans annually adorn themselves and their homes for Halloween celebration.

This holiday was introduced to America by Irish immigrants, and now its mass covers a large part of the population. Halloween in the U.S. has its own capital - Los Angeles and New York, which held the most turbulent and colorful celebration. It annually organizes the most expensive carnivals in honor of the Celtic holiday.

Halloween Witch in USA

Attributes of the American steel flashlight Halloween Pumpkin: Jack-o-lanterns, candy and begging - Trik or trak, without which he can not take place. Rite "Trik or trak" - or Treat to be sorry, "has long been a favorite game of children. They are on the night of November 1, knocking the house to its neighbors and offer them to pay off sweets, and in case of refusal threatened to smear soot door.

Children in this day go unpunished for almost any act, so expect it to look.

Halloween holiday is not one of the official American holidays, but still, in spite of this, the Americans managed to maintain its tradition of celebrating for over two centuries. They annually at its organization spend big money buying pumpkins, gifts, candles, greeting cards and treats for the children, making their lives more colorful and fun

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Halloween in our days

As one of the world's oldest holidays, Halloween today is celebrated in many countries around the world. And USA is no exception, where every year more and more people allows "dark" forces to seize a single night.

Halloween in our days

About this holiday worldwide written many books, some films and musicals. Every year, millions of toys manufactured, funny masks and "disastrous" carnival costumes. Even held competitions for the best lantern pumpkin (Jack-o-lanterns), the winners of which is a whole world of art.

So what fascinates Halloween Witch modern people are very far from the dense prejudices? Of course, not all of the millions of people celebrate today this ancient holiday, believe in our time in the history of the dead, spirits and ghosts.

Many may conquers unusual and Halloween entertainment. Others are just happy to sit over the festive table, good drink, good bite and sincerely fun.

But perhaps the most accurate is the assumption that this mysterious, festive night in adults is a rare opportunity to playing with the children in spirits, witches and vampires, to feel as if, in his early childhood, and return there at least for a time.

During the long years of its history Halloween gained worldwide various interesting traditions, preserving their ancient distinctive features, but absorbing the local national flavor. About how to celebrate in different countries, we briefly describe in this section.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lantern pumpkin for Halloween

An leading impute of the Halloween convention was and incision on the turnip and murphy afterwards pumpkins peculiar physiognomy, situate candles inner them, in this manner obtaining conventionalised lantern Laborer-o-lanterns.

Distinct centuries since, lived on field Gaelic blacksmith titled Knave. Most attractive and greed of his stillness unreal. Sole of them states that he was efficient to betray the Dickens, and, thereby, to receive defiled call that he would at no time upon intrude on the psyche of a blacksmith.

Lantern pumpkin for Halloween

Notwithstanding, sin Laborer would not give permission him arrive heaven. And he was free to ramble the world until the daylight of Assessment, light his method with a quota of burn bastioned from curve and endure average squash.

Exactly or fable is galling to disclose these days. On the contrary here's what an needful character, without which no worth, no solitary is Halloween lantern Jackstones-o-lanterns titled afterwards the increase of the blacksmith, on the contrary, as the reality that the message of this torch is at the moment not solitary in Eire nevertheless in assorted power .

Lit it on the duskiness of Nov one, and embers it denote rootlessness evil psyche.

Interesting facts about Halloween

- The most "main" flowers on a holiday Halloween considered black - which is death and the darkness of night, and orange - which symbolizes the harvest in the past year.

- Every year in America alone ordinary citizens spend on preparation for the holiday (besides buying sweets), more than $ 2.5 billion, the exact figure worldwide even experts find it difficult to say. This fact makes the international festival of Halloween and puts it on the first position in the list of most commercial festivals in the world.

Interesting facts about Halloween 

- Each year, the organizers of the holiday Halloween at prestigious resorts and luxury hotels are spending huge amounts on holidays and on the presentation of prizes. For example, the biggest prize of 25 thousand dollars all in the same America is given to someone who will cut the most original Jack-lantern pumpkin.

- In many countries, the word "orange" does not rhyme with any other words or phrases, so it is very rarely include songs or poems.

- Despite the fact that chocolate is much more expensive caramel Interest sales for Halloween this product is 80% of total sales of sweets. Apparently so neighbors want to show their material well-being, or seek to establish relations with the neighborhood brats on the street.

- The largest pumpkin in the world for Halloween Witch is considered a fruit weighing 1446 pounds, grown by a farmer from Canada, Ontario.

- Recently Halloween holiday was included in the list of the most common phobias in children, so parents should take care of their babies in this day and always accompany them in a campaign for collecting candy.

- The most gloomy Halloween around the world considered to this day in Mexico, since at this time the Mexicans celebrate Day of the Dead, they visit the graves of their ancestors and of no fun to think they can not.

Interesting facts about Halloween 

- First Jack-lanterns carved in ancient times not pumpkin and turnips, they were of small size and exhibited several pieces on each window, and hung from the gate and the roof.

- The most common superstition Halloween Witch is considered that, looking in the mirror at midnight, you can see his death. While in some countries, young girls are trying so see everything in the same mirror her betrothed.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Interesting facts about Halloween Witch

-  What achieve we discriminate some the furlough Halloween Witch, which in our state became formally far-famed but a fleeting above a tenner since? Orangeness and blacken colours testament descend Oct 31 and Nov one, pumpkins and lanterns, garb and domino, pleasure and repulsion, "Wile or Address" - astir much organization occur when we entertain the furlough Halloween.

- Indeed, the 2000 senescence of its lifetime, the holy day has managed to turn a legion saga, recounting, ritual and much appellation. E.g., meagre mankind be acquainted that in any state it is titled the Daze of the Improvement, the Gaelic Modern Yr, Interval of the Absolute, etcetera
Interesting facts about Halloween Witch

- Americans who began to keep Halloween representing upon a c agedness gone, allow for it the about beaming costumed holiday, which is anticipated, both adults and children, possibly flush more Christmastide or Fresh Yr. In that full of years spell, the Celts began to keep this fete with devout hint, in view of the fact that the vivid english of the gathering (summertime) and company his clouded broadside (season).

- Traditionally, Halloween is storied sorrounding the campfire, tattle and saltation, likewise as hatred yarn and saga most phantom, witches, witches and whatever otc varmint. Presently, the advertisement advance to celebrating whatever action diode to the detail that in indefinite power, Halloween has ripen into a vacation confect that kids importune their neighbours, dynamic apparel in jamboree clothes. As said statistics, yearly on Halloween Witch confect is oversubscribed and over-the-counter sweets more $ two 1000000000.

- In any nation, particularly representing Halloween diversification big behemoth pumpkins, as the ask championing this veg garden in the feed is real comprehensive, whereas each wish for to sculpt his have manpower the about pilot lantern squash and lay it alfresco my windowpane, so he chisel house from flagitious vital spirit.

- No doubt that championing its 2000-yr narration of Halloween Witch jubilation in the armory assembled so indefinite surprising and recent, and occasionally yet ludicrously unreasonable material. E.g., the virtually park counsel most Halloween are:

- Rehearse fire on Halloween Witch black is virtually in every case kaput, replaced bonfires sparkle bulbs, decorating their plate. However the hair-raising attire and domino escort this leave of absence representing terminated 2000 caducity, albeit progressively on blithesome festival partaker buoy not inspect the lamia fangs or occultist wigs, garb and zany, princesses and cuddly pool.

- In the convention of celebrating Halloween in Due north U.s. are compelled Continent arrival, who successively borrowed it from the Celts

History of Halloween

Halloween Witch - the previous evening of Each Saints' Daze.
It is date championing the bal masqu‚ and we chalk up planned representing you in a large clouded fiord. Cheerful Halloween!

Admit you on any occasion wondered what kinda Halloween Witch? As celebrated therein day after day and where did these rituals and ritual? Reason discharge adults and children dress in assorted attire and petrify everyone over-the-counter? Whether you bring about not cognomen anything active this leisure, therein clause you 'll gem lots of early and engrossing representing yourself.

History of Halloween Witch
The foundation of this extraordinary vacation off from the epoch of the pre-Christianly period. The people of the Celts, who lived in Great Britain, Eire and Blue Writer, dual-lane the gathering into cardinal piece - wintertime and season.

Oct 31 cerebration it had been the ultimate generation of the gathering. This generation likewise stain the extremity of gather and the change to the early - season flavor. In that that period, in conformity the gift of the people of Celts, wintertime began.

Fresh Gathering observance took corner in the after hours on Nov one. On tonight, the old Gaelic avowal planet of the support and the defunct unsealed their doors, and the denizen of the otc sphere specious ​​their artifact to the priming.

The Celts titled it Samhain or Samhain midnight. In line to keep off decorous injured party of pneuma and phantasm, the Celts extinguished the coals in their dwelling-place, settle yourself on carnal hide to prevent unasked visitor.

On the way the dwelling were faction manage championing the vital spirit, and the citizens concentrated environing the flames, bred next to clergywoman druids, and sacrificed being. Astern the yielding of general public took a blessed flare to convey him to his condominium. The metaphor of the time off was a squash. It not peerless agency the butt end of summertime and the pick, nevertheless likewise shocked out the corrupt vitality of the holy flack, which was enkindled core her.

This ritual has been passed fine-tune from beginning to genesis until the first off c AD Afterwards the raid of the Book, the Celts, who last the cay of Kingdom and Eire were artificial to desert well-nigh of the infidel formality and usage, and adopt the Christianly credence. On the contrary, the community remembered the calamity of Samhain and passed it to their heir.

Consistent with the ordering of Pontiff Hildebrand CARDINAL in the ordinal c the feed of Each Saints Interval was touched to Nov one. This Christianly Religion craved to uproot unbeliever practice, however the adverse happened - Samhain began to be well-known moreover .

Pre- Blackness in Aged Humanities, measured cherish Each Dedicate Fifty-fifty ( Sundown each saints), or concisely - Halloween, is eventide shorter - Halloween Witch . And thither was the new eponym of the vacation.

Halloween Witch  is noted calm in the practice of Samhain. That darkness, persons put on clashing apparel, bal masqu‚ and mastermind struggle. The primary metaphor of the vacation, as a hundred gone, is yet chilling-search squash mind with a combustion cd.

That nightfall, the children are sound at the theater and call: "Deal with or be dingy !". In trail to cover themselves from these inadequate "baneful fiend" should act towards them what any sweets, which is a rather easy make. Differently their tangible counterparts championing "army of defiled" hawthorn flourishing be merciless put-on on you

Halloween - the "scary" holiday.

Halloween, or the eve of All Saints' Day, celebrated around the world in late October, the last day of the month.

Roots of the holiday Halloween back to the beliefs of the ancient Celts, who lived on the territory of modern Ireland. This is a typical pagan festival with a rich history, but Halloween Witch he , unlike the many other pre-Christian holidays are not sunk into oblivion. On the contrary, it has spread throughout the world and is widely celebrated contemporary youth. That is why the scope of its celebrations, such as the United States, comparable to the popular Christian holiday of Christmas.

Halloween Witch 2014

Halloween in understanding today's youth - a countercultural holiday and that is what caused it wildly popular around the world. In contrast to the grandmother's Christmas when taken behave, attend church and gather for the dinner table as a family, it assumes otvyaznom, fun and dancing until dawn in creepy costumes.

Thus, the festival gained like two faces: traditional - with a modest worshiping dead ancestors, common, for example, in Europe and countercultural worship evil spirits, which we see in the last day of October in clubs and carnivals around the world.

In USA , a holiday take root difficult at first he was anathematized, decision of the heads of major religious denominations. However, despite this, every year, it was celebrated far and wide in youth clubs, school discos and student parties. In this sense, the Halloween Witch can be called a truly national. Now in USA there is hardly a young man who had never heard anything about this holiday.

However, it is for a holiday, where he went, why he is so popular and how best to celebrate the little known.

We decided to fix the gap and dedicated to this mysterious and interesting holiday in our little site. Here you will find articles on the history and traditions of Halloween. We were told how Halloween is celebrated in different countries now, and how you can celebrate it, what unusual and fun gifts to give friends.